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The need to sustain the minimum benchmark of over 30% YoY growth drags even the best SaaS companies to massive equity rounds to provide working capital needs. These rounds can take time and dilute existing investors and founders.

This is why we created the most advanced AI platform in the world for credit and investment analysis.
To revolutionize the debt growth financing space with unique ML Due Diligence technology, which provides over 96% accuracy on cash flow & revenue trend prediction together with real-time scoring.

Liquidity has quickly became the chosen debt provider by some of the fastest growing startups of the world, including eToro, Infinidat, Satixfy, Homer, Resident, and many others.

”The most advanced AI Platform for real-time credit & investment analysis in the world”

profile image of Nobutake Suzuki
Nobutake Suzuki
CEO, MUFG Innovation Partner

Financial Forecasting Accuracy (FFA) 6 months


Financial Forecasting Accuracy (FFA) 24 months

"The Liquidity Analyst platform is the next generation for funds and asset managers who invest and provide debt for privately held tech companies. This has the potential to be a truly disruptive hub for in depth real-time analysis for privately held technology companies.”

Natti Ginor, Managing Director
Jeffries Financial Group


A unique mix of methodologies enables Liquidity to continuously optimize our risk management approach Commercial - Acquiring the first revenues created each month by our clients, hedging risk by constantly monitoring clients’ performance, goals, financial strength, market trends and more. Legal - A tight set of covenants and Condition Precedents ensure that in each stage of the relationship life-cycle, the client company will have the working capital necessary to ensure returns. Technological - Established growth trajectories and product performance measures are leveraged to augment traditional credit risk models (Altman) with on the fly risk factor sensitivity analysis (Monte Carlo). We have a real-time alert based system, enabling risk mitigation 6 months ahead of potential impact.

"MUFG has partnered with Liquidity Capital since 2019 as an investor and through our Joint Venture, MARS Growth Capital, in which we fund high growth tech companies.  We have been impressed throughout our collaboration by the quality of the Liquidity Capital team and their technology.  In the fast changing financial services environment, this has enabled us to broaden MUFG’s existing commitment to Asia Pacific, and we look forward to further developing the partnership.”
Yulia Toyokawa San, Managing Executive Director, Head of Global Corporate Credit, MUFG

Investors are welcome to utilize one of the following facilities:

number 1

Fund Participation

Participate in our growing network of different funds focusing on different sectors, regions and with known backers.
Minimum investment requirement: $500,000
Typical investment period:  5 - 7 Years
Distribution: Semi-Annual

number 2

Managed Accounts

Financial institutions are welcome to open a managed account.
Minimum investment requirement: $50,000,000
Typical investment period:  Flexible
Distribution: Flexible

number 3

Debt Placement

Liquidity finance on balance sheet using private debt placement from institutional funds.
Minimum facility provided by Liquidity: $50,000,000
Typical investment period:  3 - 5 Years
Distribution: Monthly